Why did Airbnb Stop allowing listings in the Jewish Homeland and what we say about it.

Well, we have our own opinion why Airbnb chose to single out Jewish neighbourhoods in their historic homeland to be the only listings in the entire world which have been removed and banned from new listings, and we believe most Israel’s would agree with us, but we will leave it to the Efrat local council Chairman Oded Revivi who eloquently put it best:

“It is disappointing to see the site surrender to extreme pressure, thereby damaging the essence of its existence as well as its uniqueness,” says Revivi, who also serves as the foreign envoy for the Yesha settlement umbrella council.

“The advantage of the site is its ability to bring people together for conversation and questions — and not just make money,” he continues in a statement.

“The decision does an injustice to Israelis living in Judea and Samaria, constitutes a surrender to extremists and is a mistake that distances peace.”

We believe in bringing people together from all walks of life without discrimination and aim to fill the unfair void now left. And so, we have decided to offer FREE listings to all Israel based owners and properties.


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